Social Media Updates


Dear Friends! We are exploring new ways to keep in touch, so we have updated our social media platforms. In English, you can find us in: Twitter, as @tishaklemetz This account is centered in personal development, with some touches of… Read more

…And suddenly came the spring

Rörsjöparken, Malmö, Sweden, 9 april 2016.

I’ve been living in Sweden for 2 years and 10 months now. I didn’t start appreciating the light until I was here. In Mallorca, light was taken for granted. (post originally posted on April 25th, 2014) On my first… Read more

Sorry but no (with all my love)

June 124 (Medium)

I am only one of the many people who like helping others. This might be a troubled world, but there’s so many who care, many who volunteer in some way or simply have a passion for making the… Read more

Find your own rainbow!


As I was walking to yoga class, it started drizzling. My first thought was a complaint, I hadn’t even brought an umbrella and this was a 20-minute walk. But as I always seek for the positive in all… Read more

Why I Blog

Faro Formentor iluminado

I would hereby like to establish the purpose of my blogging, both here at Shamay and in other places. I have always loved writing and being creative in different ways. Playing with words fascinates me, perhaps ever since… Read more

Usui Shiki Ryoho

Muchos tipos de Reiki diferentes...

Mayni is a master who belongs to The Reiki Alliance and thus teaches Usui Shiki Ryoho. What does that imply for students/prospective students? Let us do a little history review of Reiki. Reiki came to the world through… Read more

Gratitude Journal – a great tool!


Have you noticed how the thing you are concentrated on seems to appear everywhere? Like that old story about learning to ride a bike – if you get obsessed with “look, there´s a tree, a tree, a treeeee!!!!”… Read more

Being the Best Me


Today I commit to being the best version of myself. If I try to copy someone else, I cannot be but a bad copy of them. It is my most solemn duty to maximize my skills and polish… Read more

What does “holistic” actually mean?

Holistic refers to the whole, rather than a part. Let’s use a health example, to understand it easier. Conventional medicine looks only at the symptom: a tumor, an infection, an organ causing trouble. In general, they either do… Read more

Grateful for being a woman

(Picture: me, age 17, trying on a dress made of wild silk at our friend Janin’s shop in Palma) I recently had the chance to attend some workshops about womanhood. Unfair as it may seem, in the female… Read more

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