Aromatouch – en klinisk approach till eteriska oljor

On Saturday, August 13, 2016, Mayni and I had the privilege of doing the training course on the AromaTouch technique, a system patented by doTERRA.
This technique is not actually a ”massage” since we are not massaging the body. What it actually is, is a structured form to apply a specific sequence of essential oils with medicinal purposes.

During the day, our instructor, Liz Svensson (who had traveled from Ireland to teach our group) explained the theory of the oils used. We then proceeded to give and receive, the 14 students who attended the course in Malmö.

I marveled at her explanation of the process in which the body gets out of balance. When we get stressed, the immune system destabilizes and one of two things happened: either we keep getting sick all the time, or we never get sick until holidays arrive, and as soon as we start relaxing we get sick. When the body gets ill, there is an inflammatory response which makes things worse. And often is sleep compromised, making us more irritable and worsening the cycle.

The AromaTouch treatment enters to break this vicious circle with doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.
With the first two oils, Lavender and Balance, we harmonize the body and alleviate stress.
With the next two, Melaleuca (”tea tree”) and OnGuard, we help the immune system.
The next couple is the blends AromaTouch and DeepBlue, which help regulate the inflammatory response of the body, to make it a healthier one.
Finally, Wild Orange and Peppermint help the body enter a state of ”homeostasis”, that is, if there is a problem or danger we can react efficiently but quickly return to our center, without experiencing a prolonged stress effect.

The oils are applied to the back, head, ears and feet.

The treatment is approximately 45 minutes long and is very relaxing, while noticing the head is totally clear and alert – which in fact is a combination few of us had ever experienced before.

After finalizing our practice period, we have started offering these treatments locally in the city we are at (Malmö, Extremadura, Palma de Mallorca, etc.).

I find it a very valuable technique and I think that every therapist would benefit from offering it in their consultation. You can request a teacher to go to your area if you gather 10 participants for a course, in which case you can write to to coordinate it.

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