Who is Carina


My name is Carina Leticia Klemetz (Tisha is my nickname, which I used for many years). I was born in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), with a Swedish father and an Argentinean mother. I developed into a polyglot: I speak Spanish, Swedish, English, German, Italian, and French (and read some Biblical Hebrew).

After growing up in Mallorca, I have lived in Madrid and in the States (Utah), aside from traveling widely. Since 2013 I’m established in Malmö (Sweden).

Due to the health problems I was born with, am greatly interested in alternative and complementary healing techniques, which I started learning at the age of 7. I am fascinated by the healing power of essential oils, something I started researching and experimenting with in early 2012.

I have always been thrilled about studying the effects of food upon health and as a child dreamed of becoming a “pastry doctor, who would heal with cakes” – deciding to become a health coach was the natural next step! Also because I am interested in so many things that sticking to one single profession feels boring to me.

With my multilingual background, it felt totally natural to start working as a translator and interpreter, something I have been doing for the past 15 years. I studied Linguistics and became ATA Certified in English into Spanish (ATA: American Translators Association), and a verified member of SFÖ – the Swedish Association of Professional Translators.

Right now I work both as a translator and as a health coach, and that feels like a great combination for me. I specialize in gluten intolerance since it’s an issue I overcame myself. Having walked the path, it feels natural for me to want to help others, since that is a passion of mine.

I also have a passion for writing, which coupled with “helping others” has led to a series of articles, videos, a CF-specific database (in Spanish) and specific Facebook groups.

I received my training as a health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.
Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching.

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Tisha’s studies:

  • BA in Linguistics, minor in Scandinavian Studies, at Brigham Young University (Provo, UT, USA). Cum Laude and University Honors.
  • Health Coach by Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
  • Nutrition and Dietetics diploma with UNED (Spain).
  • First and Second degree of Reiki with Anugama Marg.
  • Gemmosophy (healing and meditation with crystals) with Francisco Boström
  • Musicosophia courses with Uwe Fricke and George Balan, among other (22 courses in Germany and Spain)
  • Overtone Chanting, Monochord and Tibetan Bowls with Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard
  • Akashic Records (3 courses) with Angelica Aurora Portillo
  • Mayan calendar with Domingo Díaz
  • Transformera Nu (2 courses) with Mikael Säflund
  • Theater (acting) with Albin Lundmark and Cristina Rota
  • Theater (playwriting, critique and research) at RESAD (Madrid, Spain)
  • Techniques of relaxation and self-knowledge with Heinrich Werner and Jenny Werbeloff
  • Introduction to music with Marta Varela at the Faculty of Art at Rosario (Argentina)
  • Piano studies in Vienna (Austria) with Kathy Siebel
  • Voice with Concha Doñaque and Kamren Winn
  • Vegetarian cuisine with the Bon LLoc
  • Languages, cello, handicrafts, genealogy, essential oils, Bach Flower Essences, etc.
  • Avid reader, autodidact and researcher in multiple fields

I have experience in public speaking and teaching in church contexts, as well as business and personal development workshops. On the more creative side, I had my own radio program “La Onda Encantada” in 2001, and have experience as an actress and singer in theater and radio. I have also participated in many volunteering activities, both online and in person.