On Reiki

On Reiki

“For many years I have been dealing with stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Having experimented with various meditation techniques as a method of coping during the past 10 years with little success, I decided to try Reiki as a new method to alleviate my symptoms.  After a short introduction call with Leticia we agreed on a 4 day consecutive Reiki treatment as a preparation for a level 1 Reiki course.

After the third treatment of Reiki with Leticia, I felt sudden joy and uncontrollable outbursts of laughter which lasted the entire day. I felt an abundance of positive energy which somehow gave me a boost in confidence. It was clear that something positive was unravelling.  The following day I completed the fourth and final treatment after which the joy and laughter subsided to be replaced with a feeling of peace and calm.

It is now almost two months since I completed the four day consecutive treatment, and the peace and calm as remained throughout.  I feel that this has provided me the courage to look deeper at many of the causes of anxiety and stress that I have experienced in the last years, and this has brought some valuable insights.  In addition, I find that I can now meditate at a deeper level than I previously found possible.

In two weeks time, I will participate in the level 1 Reiki course, and I can’t wait to see what that will bring!”

Gavin, Lund