We have been using LifeWave light technology patches to improve our health since a number of years ago. Carina’s favorite has been the Energy patches, to enable superb mental performance while translating.

The patches are non-transdermal, meaning nothing enters the body while using them. They enhance the body’s own habilities to heal itself.

There are a number of highly interesting applications to these patches:

Energy, for improving both physical and mental energy levels, increasing endurance. A favorite of athletes, since it increases performance without implying any form of “doping”.
Aeon, a magnificent anti-inflammatory patch, that also helps reduce and manage stress.
IceWave, for pain relief.
Silent Nights, to promote good sleep.
Carnosine, to improve strength and flexibility, helping regenerate the body.
Glutathione, to increase the body’s own production of this important compound, and support the immune system.
Alavida, a tissue regenerating patch, very useful in antiaging.

There’s also AcuLife, for pain relief and wellness of horses.

In recent years, LifeWave has incorporated two other approaches which we find highly useful and interesting:

Corsentials, combining ThetaOne and ThetaActivate (a colostrum-based compound to help the body produce more growth hormone and support immunity) with Aeon.
WinFit, a magnificent fat-burning, muscle-building, and body-shaping system, that requires no dieting, minimal exercise, and no pills, for a healthy way to manage weight and physical health.

You can see in-depth information in our dedicated website.

We have also a dedicated Facebook page and YouTube channel for LifeWave and WinFit.