Swedish almond cupcakes, gluten- and dairy free

The original Swedish “mazariner” tarts are a time-consuming recipe since each individual mini-pie crust needs to be pressed in by hand and then filled and glazed. This version has approximately the same taste but is more like a… Read more

(Español) “Sin gluten” pero sin blanca (€ $)?

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Banana pancake

I have long been looking for a good gluten-free pancake recipe. A couple different friends recommended this very simple recipe, and today I happened to have an old banana to try with. The result was so good I… Read more

Gluten-free Paleo Bread with Squash

I love baking my own bread. It is actually very easy. And putting extras inside the bread makes it so much tastier and healthier! For this recipe, you first need to boil/steam/bake a piece of butternut squash. How… Read more

Amazing raw food brownies

These brownies are likely the most delicious chocolate thing I have eaten. A brownie that leaves you satisfied, with just enough sweetness, topped with a silky and creamy chocolate frosting. They are also packed with healthy fats, protein… Read more

Bio-individual Lasagna

When you change your diet due to dietary restrictions such as a new food intolerance, or simply a change of mind, like becoming vegetarian, a problem that you find is that you are still craving those tasty foods… Read more

Fiber-rich GF bread recipe

My grandmother always laughed at me, that I would never follow a recipe exactly as I found it. Quite right, I read this recipe for “paleo bread” and made some changes. The result is really tasty and filling,… Read more

Gluten basics

In May 2012 I was chatting on Facebook with a guy from Italy who had CF and he was telling me how well his health had turned out when doing a hypotoxic diet, and he prompted me to… Read more