Reiki treatment

The first time you get in touch with Reiki, it is highly recommended that you do four treatments in a row. Thus, old issues get healed in depth.
If you do not feel ready to plunge into deep healing yet, we recommend you go for one of the shorter treatments, such as Chakras & gemstones or Aura Healing, which also include Reiki but in a different way, and you can do a single treatment as a standalone.

Reiki heals the physical body but also emotions, mental, and spiritual blockages.

The Reiki treatment is performed with clothes on, lying down on a massage table, covered with a blanket (or several, as needed). It can also be done on a chair, in case somebody has problems lying down (or is very pregnant).
It feels very relaxing and renewing, as old issues get healed.

Duration: 1h 15 min (Reiki treatment itself: 60 min)

Single treatment: 550 SEK
Pack first 4 treatments: 2100 SEK (whereof the first session is 90 min)
Pack 12 treatments: 5500 SEK (you pay for 10, but get 12)