“Our Reiki”

“Our Reiki”

We had the good luck of learning Reiki when it first arrived to Europe, when there was one single “type” of Reiki. Our master, Anugama Marg, was the first Reiki master to be initiated in Europe (the first European Reiki Master, Brigitte Müller, was initiated in the U.S.A.).reiki

Picture: Mayni, Anugama and Tisha in 2011

Mayni learned First Degree in 1986, Second Degree in 1987, and went on to become a master in 1993, leaving behind her successful carreer as an Architect in order to teach.

Tisha learned First Degree in 1987 and Second Degree in 1991.

We include Reiki in our different treatments (see more about those specifically under Treatments) and you can also receive treatments with Reiki alone.

Mayni also teaches Reiki courses, offering an initial free lecture first. As a master, she belongs to The Reiki Alliance, so she teaches Usui Shiki Ryoho (see “The 9 elements of the form” that define the System, or read the blog post we wrote explaining it).

Reiki (Usui System of Reiki Healing TM) is a specific way of channeling the energy of the universe (Ki, Chi, Prana, Nous, Kau’sai, Ruaj depending on the culture, that “energy of light and love which sets the universe in motion”) and use it for deep healing of the physical body (down to the very roots of the issues) and also of the mind, emotions, spiritual blockages. It feels relaxing, enlightening and gives a deep sense of peace and well-being.

You can read more about Reiki accessing the different submenus to “Reiki” in the above bar. And you can of course write to us with questions!