Pythagorean Monochord

Pythagorean Monochord

The pythagorean monochord is a design by Mayni, developed from the concept of the musical instrument and existing tables, manufactured by the luthier Antonio Morales.

It looks like a massage table (or long table), with resonance box and 52 strings with the same note. When you play them, all overtones resonate.

The effect when you lay below or above this instrument is that all subtle (energy) bodies are quickly harmonized, and it induces immediately into a meditation and deep relaxation state.

Currently the only instrument of its kind is in Spain, but we will have one in Sweden in the summer of 2015, to offer sessions again with this fascinating technique. You can leave us an indication of your interest and we will let you know when it is available in Malmö.

Duration: 30 min

Single session 350 SEK
Pack 11 sessions 3500 SEK