Essential Oils

We have been using essential oils for several years now, in our personal health and applied to some of the treatments we do. We find them one of the most powerful forms of herbal medicine (or perhaps the most powerful one) and felt the desire to share this knowledge.

Essential oils are more commonly known merely as something that smells good or can perhaps aromatize a relaxing bath with Lavender, but few people are aware of the vast array of benefits you can obtain from using essential oils in your home. Therefore, these 1-hour classes are a great tool to spread some practical knowledge. Essential oils are an excellent tool for health, and not only of the body but also of our emotions and all aspects of our being. Indeed, they are a Holistic tool!

We offer a free and interactive introductory class, most often online, and from time to time also classes specific to certain themes or topics (oils for children, oils for meditation, emotions and chakras, cooking with essential oils, etc).
You are welcome to attend our classes! If you later want some personal recommendations of what oils could be better for the concerns that you or your family may have, we will be happy to help you choose right. When you get your essential oils through us, we help you get the best prices available and then offer you a free individual class to get the best benefits and usage tips of your oils, for the health of your family and pets, in cooking and in the home.

Check out our Calendar to see the dates! Or contact us to book your own free class (in person or online).

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