Coping as an Interpreter (video)

So I realized that the tools I had learned over the years to help me cope with the workload in translation and interpreting could be valuable for colleagues, and I recently launched a Facebook page on that topic…. Read more

Two published articles on language

Back in my college years, when I was studying Linguistics, I wrote an article about being multilingual and keeping those other languages alive. The online version that appeared some years later was edited, but the key ideas are… Read more

“The Swedish Kitchen”

Sometimes my work as a freelance translator coincides with my passion for food, cooking, and culture. During the fall of 2014, I had the assignment to translate “The Swedish Kitchen”, a sweet little book about Swedish culture with… Read more

Mark Twain German Joke

My friend Kamren gave me once an audio, in German, from a great talk which Mark Twain was asked to give in German. In that talk, Twain teased a bit about the quircks of such a complicated language,… Read more

Plays on words

Some things to ponder… What is job? JOB = Just On Budget What is being poor? POOR = Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly Maybe you’re afraid of trying something new due to your fears? FEAR = Fantasized Experiences Appearing… Read more