Guidelines to choose Essential Oils

There’s tons of different brands of essential oils, with huge price variations, and most will say “100% pure essential oil.” How can you differentiate and make an informed choice? Here’s your compass. 1: determine what you want the oils… Read more

AromaTouch – A Clinical Approach to Essential Oils

On Saturday, August 13, 2016, Mayni and I had the chance to take the AromaTouch Technique Certification Training, along with some very dear friends in Malmö. I had requested Elizabeth Svensson, a certified trainer, to travel from Ireland… Read more

Overview of what we do

English live video of the week, from Facebook: what we do (the audio starts working properly after abt. 5 seconds, sorry about that)

Essential oils in lung health

In early 2012, two different people contacted me at the same time, telling me that some patients with Cystic Fibrosis in Germany had improved their breathing (lessened shortness of breath) and their lung capacity, while helping fight their bacterial infections… Read more

The Sacred Art of Conscious Touch

Years ago I started hearing about Tantra, an oriental system that teaches how to use sexuality for spiritual enlightenment. I loved the concept, because I felt that this great treasure of sexuality we had been given, as human beings,… Read more

A World of Wisdom

Today I am starting a new blog category, called “A World of Wisdom.” I had the fortune of being able to tag along with my mother Mayni in almost every course she did, since a very early childhood. Probably the… Read more

Aromatherapy for animals

At the end of June 2012, we adopted Kira, a 2-year old female black dog. She was extremely skinny (at the edge of death, for sure), nearly without hair, with dermatitis due to fleas, and terribly scared. She… Read more

Tango and its energies

I love tango. But that has been a recent addition to my life. I was born in Mallorca (Spain) from an Argentinean mother. One could think it natural that I liked tango for that reason. However, she is… Read more