Reiki to Find an Apartment

Reiki simplifies daily life in many practical ways. It’s vastly more than a tool for physical well-being and health (for which it is better known). A great example which I greatly enjoy today and that happened not long ago,… Read more

I recovered my dog with Reiki

We’ve always had dogs adopted as adults (not purchased as puppies): they are fantastic. We have our third at present. The first one was Oso and he came to our family in 1991. Oso was collected by a… Read more

With Reiki, we saw the plant move

I am an architect, and graduating from university implies both formation and deformation, so my mind gets happy when I can verify (personally or using a scientific device) that what my Reiki master told me is true. About 23 or 24… Read more

Usui Shiki Ryoho

Muchos tipos de Reiki diferentes...

Mayni is a master who belongs to The Reiki Alliance and thus teaches Usui Shiki Ryoho. What does that imply for students/prospective students? Let us do a little history review of Reiki. Reiki came to the world through… Read more