I recovered my dog with Reiki

We’ve always had dogs adopted as adults (not purchased as puppies): they are fantastic. We have our third at present. The first one was Oso and he came to our family in 1991.

Oso was collected by a German journalist on the highway by Calviá (Mallorca, Spain) at the age of 3, and being in very bad shape. He seemed to have grown up with a loving family, but later had been severely neglected and beaten, so at first he was fearful and defensive. But he soon grew fond of Reiki, and he used to lie under the massage table when I was giving a treatment. And he loved participating in the Reiki courses, where he would lay patiently waiting for someone to sit by him to treat him – or asking it quite openly if we didn’t pay him enough attention. Since he was a shepherd (probably Italian Wolf or Belgian Shepherd mixed with German Shepherd, 54 kg or almost 120 lb.), giving him a complete Reiki treatment took approximately a whole hour, just like an adult human of the same size.

Oso was my companion during the 11 years in which we shared our lives, and he used to travel with me as I went by car around Spain to teach in different regions.

I will likely write other articles talking about him, but at this time I want to share with you what happened during one trip to Galicia in North-western Spain. Together with the student who was arranging the course, we went for a walk in the hills of A Coruna. Oso went away and disappeared from sight. He normally wanted to keep us at eye contact, so I was distressed when noticing he wasn’t coming back, and I started calling him – but he couldn’t hear me. My friend/student said he might be lost for good: it was an area famous due to some magnetic anomaly, which caused that lost dogs would not be able to find the way back to their owners (come on, he could have told me before going on a walk right there!).

I told him not to worry: with one of the many uses of Second Degree of Reiki, I would be able to “guide him.” I sat on a rock, visualizing Oso between my hands, and indicating him where we were. Some 15 minutes later (which is the time it usually takes for Reiki to take effect), Oso showed up, panting happily, and stuck his huge head between my hands, while looking at me with great joy (same as I felt).

It is wonderful that Reiki has practical uses that enable us to communicate with other species.

And a final word, knowing the reality of shelters for abandoned animals: please don’t buy a puppy for Christmas if you’re not willing to take it with you when you travel, or leave it in a proper dog hotel. Animals are not toys, and the irresponsibility of the parents implies teaching the children that living beings are “disposable.”


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    • Gracias Anna! Me alegra que te haya gustado. 🙂 Hace unos días publicamos sobre Reiki y una planta, a finales de la semana viene otro artículo sobre mi búsqueda de apartamento. Espero que te guste también el resto de la secuencia de cosas chulas con Reiki. 🙂 Un abrazo desde Suecia! // Tisha

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