Lucia and Light video

From the outside of St. Johannes church in Malmö as we waited for the Saint Lucy concert, December 13th. Further down, a bit of the concert.

(Español) Motivación para tu camino (vídeo)

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

…And suddenly came the spring

I’ve been living in Sweden for 2 years and 10 months now. I didn’t start appreciating the light until I was here. In Mallorca, light was taken for granted. (post originally posted on April 25th, 2014) On my first… Read more

Find your own rainbow!

As I was walking to yoga class, it started drizzling. My first thought was a complaint, I hadn’t even brought an umbrella and this was a 20-minute walk. But as I always seek for the positive in all… Read more

Why I Blog

I would hereby like to establish the purpose of my blogging, both here at Shamay and in other places. I have always loved writing and being creative in different ways. Playing with words fascinates me, perhaps ever since… Read more

Gratitude Journal – a great tool!

Have you noticed how the thing you are concentrated on seems to appear everywhere? Like that old story about learning to ride a bike – if you get obsessed with “look, there´s a tree, a tree, a treeeee!!!!”… Read more

“I decided to succeed”

The story to this is that I found the video (audio in Portuguese and subtitles in Spanish) and I loved it. Couldn’t find it on youtube in English. So I put the translations in there myself as subtitles…. Read more