When we meet one-on-one, you get personal attention.
We offer a full 6-month coaching program (where we meet twice a month), and also individual energy treatments.
Check out the Treatments menu above to see a full list of what we offer and prices.

Not sure which treatment form is best for you? We can also design a mixed treatment plan especially tailor-made for your needs.


In this website you can find some general info about Reiki, which Mayni teaches as an 18-hour course and both Mayni and Tisha offer as treatments, both as a Reiki standalone and as Reiki mixed in with other techniques – see the Treatments menu above.

We offer workshops (mainly about coaching topics), and lectures (such as the free intro to Reiki) – see our calendar.

We offer the Health Coaching Program, which is a structured 6-month program, and also individual counseling sessions.

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