About Respect

In this wonderful world of ours, for better and for worse, we all were given the gift of Agency. That means we all can choose what to do, what to think, how to act, what to believe in, or what to eat. What we are not given is the right to decide for someone else, or to control/manipulate them. Unfortunately, we some times get so eager with sharing what we believe to be absolutely true, that we dogmatize it.

I started being interested in nutrition when I was so small I cannot put an age on it. I think I was around 3 years old the first time I baked cookies. Reading nutrition started me on a fascinating path and I explored the benefits of vegetarianism, dissociated diet, macrobiotics… I remember conversations is several people who over the years complained that “bread makes you fat” and I retorted “bread is not the culprit, it’s what you put on it that makes you fat”.
Years later I have also become acquainted with gluten intolerances, Paleo diet, Zone diet, the concept of GI (Glycemic Index) and others, and I realize I was totally wrong. Yes, in many cases, “bread makes you fat”. And what you put on it can make you fat too.

Please do not waste your energy with an argument!
Share your views and your understanding of things with as much clarity and respect as you can.
Each body is different, each person is different. We all have different needs, both regarding food and regarding other aspects of life. And what may be an obvious truth for you today, may be proven wrong 10 years later.

Let us communicate with respect and love and seek to understand the other person’s views!

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