Grateful for being a woman

vestido seda 97
(Picture: me, age 17, trying on a dress made of wild silk at our friend Janin’s shop in Palma)

I recently had the chance to attend some workshops about womanhood.
Unfair as it may seem, in the female workshops they are focusing on stressing how wonderful we women are, how each of us is a divine goddess with infinite potential, how we are kind and loving and we should honor and respect our female essence. In male workshops on the other hand, men tend to receive a harsher treatment, getting reminders about how they should behave and what they should be doing. Perhaps a reason for this is that women can be fairly perfectionist and feel depressed about not accomplishing enough, and also feel they are not getting enough love and recognition. It was wonderful to share some loving touch, hugs, and friendship with other women.

Why are men and women so different? And why is it so good? Nature intended us to be different – it is the most basic physiological differences that enable us to procreate. But other differences in skills and character actually make us complement each other. Life gets richer if there is polarity! And this polarity is also key to make a relationship actually work, with the nearly magnetic magic that happens in attraction between a man and a woman.

It is really very sad that modern-day society is counterworking polarity so strongly. Women are encouraged to behave in a more masculine way, dress more like men, show less of their feelings. When we lose track of all we have to share as women, the potential of enlightening the world with our presence simply diminishes. We need to learn to respect our essence!

Yes, I am a woman. I have infinite potential, like my fellow sisters. I am sensitive and sometimes emotional. I am immensely strong as a person, but not always when it comes to muscle strength. And I love it when a man can give me a hand to lift a heavy burden, or to have a small “gentleman-like” gesture, or to offer valuable feedback and insights from “the other side.” I appreciate men and value their worth. I am grateful to be a woman and honored to be able to interact with other women (goddesses in the making) as well as interacting with men (gods in the making) and being enriched by their input and their differences.

Never feel bad to be who and what you are! You are unique.

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